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Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day

CEF Ministry in Central Europe.

It was around 30 years ago that this special mission field has been opened for the wider ministry of evangelism after decades of restrictions.

In the pioneer age of the ministry mainly missionaries from the West have done the ministry. They have focused on the training of pastors and volunteers for child evangelism, furtherly on providing literature for Bible teaching to children.

God has amazingly raised many capable and devoted native workers and leaders who had caught the vision and did a wide ministry in order to win precious boys and girls for Christ for many years already.

On this homepage you may find information and resources for reaching today’s boys and girls with the Gospel of the LORD Jesus.

Thank you very much for visiting our homepage and allowing God to put upon your heart the burden for this special ministry.

Sebastian Edelmann

Latest prayer needs

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10.25 Monday—Kosovo

Pray God calls new volunteers to serve in children’s ministry. We were encouraged this summer when L. helped with the activities and with the younger children at craft time. She told us she would love to serve Jesus for the rest of her life.

10.24 Sunday—North Macedonia

Praise God that we can broadcast children’s shows on the radio. Pray we can expand to more areas so more children can hear the gospel.

10.23 Saturday—Hungary

Let us pray together for the TCE1 courses we’ll have in different parts of our country. May the Lord call new volunteer teachers and may there be many GNCs starting after these courses.


Knowing Christ

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Facts about the CEF Ministry in Central Europe in 2018

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*** This map is not an official European map, It represents the countries which come under CEF Europe