About Ministry in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small country in Sought-East Europe. It has a population of about 7 million people. The official religion is Eastern Orthodoxy, but there are a lot of Muslims. The evangelical Church is small, less then 1% of the population.

CEF is serving the evangelical Churches to understand the need to evangelize the children, provides training, and opportunities to reach out to the children. Our materials are used by churches for their Sunday Schools.

With our GNC program we are reaching mainly to the Roma children. There are over 79 Clubs. We also have an opportunity to visit regularly some schools, kindergartens and orphanages. It is difficult to reach the Bulgarian children trough Clubs, because the orthodox Church treats anything different as a sect, so parents have a lot of fears.

Still we are able to organize during the Summer about 12 camps, 5-Day Clubs in parks and VBS at about 100 places. At the end of August, we have a special project called Hope for the children in Bulgaria. Every year we try to be at a new administrative area and help the churches to do 5-Day Clubs in the parks. Trough this project we reach about 1000 children many of which hear the gospel for the first time.


National Leaders

Our team is spread out in 5 areas – Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Haskovo and Burgas in the Sought and Pleven and Veliko Tarnovo in the North. We are praying for new workers for the areas of Sliven, Russe and Varna.

Contact National Office

For more information in Bulgarian and for our materials visit our website www.cefbg.org