About Ministry in Cyprus

Cyprus is the far South East corner of the European Continent. It’s an Island in the Mediterranean see full of history, mentioned several times in the New Testament from the ministry of Apostle Paul. As a border between Europe and Asia has suffered a lot of wars and was occupied by several armies.

It is a beautiful country with wonderful beaches and long history. The children in Cyprus live very comfortable, going to good schools and enjoying life. The vast majority of them do not have a clear idea about the Lord Jesus.

The people of Cyprus don’t really care about God because of the prosperity of life. At the same time the Island is very “religious” as there is a big number of Orthodox churches and monasteries.

It seems though, that this religion does not speak of a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The people of Cyprus and specially the children need to hear the Good News!

Cyprus is a quite closed country for the gospel. Due to the division of the country, after the Turkish invasion in 1974, national and religion feelings are very strong. At the same time a considerable prosperity has led the people to an ethical downhill, leaving no room for God in their lives.

Please pray that God may call local workers into the ministry!


National Leaders

Stefanos and Magda Botonis (from Greece) are interim team leaders of CEF® Cyprus. They are the Country Directors of CEF® Greece.

They have their local ministry in Thessaloniki (Greece) area.

If you want to get more information please contact Stefanos Botonis, the team leader!

Contact National Office

Address: Stefanos Botonis

Leonida 19
54250 Thessaloniki

email: cefhellas@gmail.com

Office/Fax: +30 23 1030 5515

Mobil: +30 69 4919 4568