About the ministry in Hungary

The Child Evangelism Fellowship Hungary (Hungarian name is Sunday School Alliance), an inter-denominational association founded in 1989, represents CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship, 1937) in Hungary. Our organisation is a mission for children, standing on a biblical basis and Protestant confessions.

The purpose of our mission is to make the Gospel known to every child in Hungary, so that now, as children, they can trust Jesus Christ as their Saviour. We would like to help saved children grow spiritually and become active members of a local Christian church. Our mission includes the support of Hungarian Christian denominations and local churches in developing mission work to children.

Currently, we have 20 co-workers and a number of voluntary helpers and contributors.

Most of our co-workers are responsible for the child mission ministry in a certain region in Hungary – in a few counties, or in Budapest. Some of our colleagues also occupy a job in the centre: they work in the Central Office, they do training, or manage our publications.

To everyone who needs it, we would like to give support for the ministry towards children. We are ready to serve together with all who accept our confession and our Doctrine Protection Guideline.

More than one million children live in Hungary. They need to know and receive the teaching of the Bible, the redeeming death of the Lord Jesus.


We to the following tasks to achieve this.


  • We hold teacher training courses in several places in the country to teachers of children as well as those interested in child evangelism.
  • We make and distribute teachers’ materials to make preparation and teaching easier. Visual aids help the children understand the things heard. Most of our materials contain Bible stories, missionary stories, or a story related to a Christian feast.
  • We organise Good News Clubs in homes and in schools, where children can hear a Bible lesson, sing songs, play games, and learn Bible verses. The events are held in a playful way, easy to understand for children.
  • We also hold clubs in hospitals, mother-homes and foster-homes.
  • We organise open-air child evangelism events, 5-Day Clubs during the summer holiday. This is a club event taking about two hours per day, for five (or less) days.
  • We hold summer camps and summer day camps in several places.
  • We have a Bible Correspondence Club, where our full time co-workers and volunteers correspond with children and teens. The members of the club receive booklets containing interesting stories and teachings, as well as a certificate, a gift and a Bible at the end of the series.
  • We publish the Örömhír (Good News) children’s magazine on a two-month basis in 10,000 copies. Not only children living in Hungary, but also Hungarian (speaking) children living in Romania, in Slovakia, in the Ukraine and in Serbia can receive this magazine.
  • com is our website for children.

More about our ministries can be found at website www.visz.org .



National Directors

Ferenci Gábor and Virág are the directors for Hungary


For more information please contact the CEF National Office of Hungary