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With a population of 38.6 million, 17% are under the age of 14. Meaning that there are almost 6.5 million children in Poland who need to learn about the Lord Jesus. There are many cities in Poland that do not have a single congregation. We pray throughout the country to do by 2050 in Poland to be 1% of evangelical believers – currently it is about 0.02%. One way to evangelize and influence our nation is to work with children. Often whole families come to Christ through children.

The first Child Evangelism Fellowship® missionaries visited Poland in 1968. There was a limited measure of freedom, but CEF® helped train and provide literature to help the local churches reach out to the children.

CEF of Poland was registered in 1993 and God provided a small centre in Pszczyna (in the South of the country). God has blessed us with growing opportunities and ministry.

Since we have been in our new centre(October 2008), God has enabled us to carry out several important ministries to reach children more effectively with the gospel:

– Distribution of gospel booklets “Meet the King!”,

– Launching a new internet website for children: www.wondersurf.com in Polish,

– Forming a National Committee. The committee consists of representatives from the main evangelical denominations in Poland. It has been a great help during the year in giving guidance and encouragement for the Polish CEF team.

– CEF has obtained charitable status, which frees us from paying taxes on gifts.

– Printing and distribution of new CEF literature items, including: Wonder Devotional Book , the doctrinal lesson series by Sam Doherty and other teaching materials needed for Good New Clubs.


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