Daily Prayer Needs

08.02 Monday—Croatia

We will have a camp in Pušćine, 2-7 August. We ask the Lord to open the hearts of each child who will be at camp so they will understand how much God loves them. We pray He will protect them and keep them healthy.

08.01 Sunday—Bosnia and Herzegovina

We plan to have several weekend camps this month with children from different neighboring towns. We ask the Lord to prepare the hearts of the children so they can have faith from Him for salvation.

31.07 Saturday— Central Europe

We pray that the students who are participating in the CMLC online training will be dedicated and focused on their classes and assignments. Ask the Lord to speak to their hearts and call some of them to full-time children’s ministry in their individual countries.

30.07 Friday—Moldova

Praise be to our Lord for all 3663 children that attended the special Easter club in May. Let’s pray that each heart that heard the Gospel will be changed. Also, pray for those who received the booklet “Christ is risen!” to read it and be saved.

29.07 Thursday—Slovenia

Please pray that God will give us leaders who will hold fast to God and who will have much love for lost children. Pray for the children to follow the Lord’s way and to persevere in the faith.

27.07 Tuesday—Poland

Please pray for students who are taking part in the Children’s Ministries Leadership Course™ (CMLC) via Zoom. We hope all four Polish students will be encouraged to serve the Lord full-time among the children. Pray especially for Karolina and Szczepan who have three small children who need care at the same time they have the online classes.

26.07 Monday—Cyprus

Pray the Covid restrictions will be able to be loosened. Since the pandemic started, we have not been able to have GNCs, Sunday Schools, or camps.

25.07 Sunday—Montenegro

We are planning a Children’s Festival for all the children in GNCs in all of Montenegro. We pray for God to touch every child who comes so they will know Him better and be able to follow Him from an early age.