Daily Prayer Needs

22.01 – Friday – Central Europe

Praise the LORD for the faithful who support the ministry of individual missionaries but also for the ones who help to cover the monthly shortfall. Last year all of the ministry expenses have been covered. Pray for the European Partnership Ministries team which works hard to contact new potential donors.

21.01 – Thursday – Greece

Please, pray for a good new beginning of the year! After months of staying locked down at home, we pray that the Good News Clubs and other children’s programs may continue normally!

20.01 – Wednesday – Poland

We are grateful to God for Marek and Marta who record video of Bible lessons for CEF in Poland. Let us pray for the happy birth of their son due late January/early February.

19.01 – Tuesday – Moldova

Please pray that the planned training online or face to face takes place. Pray that each training will be attended by dedicated teachers for the ministry with children or teens.

18.01 – Monday – Bulgaria

Pray for the Church in Russe, where Ulrike started a TCE Level one. It was interrupted by the death of one of the students from Covid. Pray that we could finish and be of help and encouragement for the church. 

17.01 – Sunday – Hungary

We praise the Lord for all the videos we uploaded to YouTube and Csodaklikk.com so far. We want to make it more professional and specified for different age groups in the future. We especially pray for wisdom how to make videos for teens.

16.01 – Saturday – Slovenia

We pray for Tončka Š., who has been our co-worker for many years. At the end of December 2020, she retired and quit her job. May God grant her much health, joy and peace, as she has done a wonderful work and brought the gospel to many children.

15.01 – Friday – Turkey

We plan an internet TCE1 training. Pray that the LORD will bring in the right Christians for it and He will help the teachers to use this tool to pass the burden of child evangelism to all participants.

14.01 – Thursday – Kosovo

Pray for the little granddaughter of Metush and Nora, our full-time workers. She has been diagnosed with leukemia. May the LORD heal her with His mighty hand.