“Our prayers have no expiration date. You never know when, where, or how God will answer.”

The History Professor

Judges 11:24b “So whomsoever the Lord our God shall drive out from before us, them will we possess.”

Jephthah had anything but an easy childhood. Having been the son of Gilead and a prostitute, he had to suffer at the hands of the rest of his stepbrothers and stepsisters and was excluded from the inheritance. He had to flee even from his home. Nevertheless, the Word of God calls him a mighty warrior.

What made him a mighty warrior? During his life time the tribes of Israel were threatened by the Ammonites and tricked into giving away a portion of their land. The king of the Ammonites tried to change history.

Centuries passed since the conquest of Joshua. But, it seems, Jephthah knew well even the smallest details of the battle that took place 300 years earlier and even more, he has been aware that the LORD has given into the hands of His elected people the territory of the Amorites as a possession. Why should they squander away what the LORD of the Universe had entrusted to them?

Jephthah knew the history of his people, but he also saw God’s decisions and His hand in action in these events. This knowledge led him to stand up against the invaders and conquer them in the name of the LORD.

“Who doesn’t know the past can’t understand the present and will be unable to form the future.” This statement is quoted from Helmut Kohl, Federal Chancellor of Germany (it was used in similar ways by others also) and expresses an important truth.

Children need to study history – especially Biblical history from the infallible Word of God. Together with this knowledge they will be able to avoid the traps of Satan and become “mighty warriors” for the sake of the LORD.

Where are the nascent history professors? And where are their present-day professors, the Bible teachers of children?

For Christ, Sebastian Edelmann

Daily Prayer Guide

22.10 Thursday – Montenegro

We continue to visit the families of the children and teens with whom we have contact. May the Lord lead us in the best way to minister to the children and teens and their families. Pray that our lives will be a good testimony to them, and that they will accept Christ as their Saviour.

21.10 Wednesday – Central Europe

Pray for the Area Advisory Group meeting in Hungary (21-23). May the LORD give us understanding how to implement the CEF worldwide vision in our ministry area so it can become a great spiritual benefit for many boys and girls.

20.10 Tuesday – Turkey

Pray for the opportunity to reschedule the TCE™ level-1 training which had to be cancelled in April. Pray also for students who will understand the teaching and will become passionate evangelists in spite of many obstacles.

19.10 Monday – Kosovo

Pray that the young people who have turned to Jesus for salvation but are without any spiritual support from their families, will find their place in a local church and will continue to grow spiritually.

17.10 Saturday – Czechia

Pray for the LEGO® brick party in Chrudim organized in cooperation with the local church for today and also for the after-camp-party in Pribor.  Pray many boys and girls will accept the Lord as their Saviour.

16.10 Friday – Croatia

Pray for Karmen and Vesna. They have organized countless outreaches to children in the past. Now they are facing severe health problems in some family members which keep them from fully focusing on children’s ministry.

Projects to pray for

Every Child in Europe is a project of Children Evangelism Fellowship of
Europe in order to promote some of the giving opportunities within the
mission. All finances given through are used for evangelising children in Europe (unless stated otherwise).

Bereg Camp is a Christian camp, run by Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®).
Bereg Camp It is situated in Western Ukraine close to Beregszász, on a beautiful sunny hill, surrounded by forests and vineyards. The goal of the Bereg Camp is: to provide full accommodation for groups of children and adults in Christian environment to know the message of Salvation and experience a Christian fellowship.

Prayer calendars

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Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9