“Our prayers have no expiration date. You never know when, where, or how God will answer.”

An Important Letter Signed by Three

Mark 16:15 And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation.”

Mission-minded students of the Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts (USA) started to meet to pray for the Heathens, the Nations, country by country, twice a week in the early 19th century. Some of them had been inspired by the life of David Brainerd, missionary to the Native Americans. They formed a society called the “Brethren.”

Finally, they ended up writing a letter, dated June 27, 1810, to their denomination leaders kindly asking them to form a mission society in order to be prepared to send out missionaries according to the great commission.

In the letter, they stated that they are devoted to this work for life, whenever God in His providence shall open the way. The letter was signed by three, namely Adoniram Judson, Samuel Nott and Samuel J. Mills. The denomination leaders answered the request positively and the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions was established. With it began the mission movement from the USA to reach the world.

The three, who had signed the letter, as well as others of the “Brethren,” kept their word. Adoniram Judson and his wife, together with Samuel Nott and his wife, and other missionaries arrived in India in 1812.

The Judsons reached their final destination, Buddhist Burma (today Myanmar), a year later, while Samuel Nott and his wife served in India. However, due to his ill health, Notts had to return to the USA after four years.

God’s providence allowed Samuel J. Mills to head off for Africa late in 1817. His plans for Africa couldn’t be accomplished. In June 1818, the LORD took him from a ship to His eternal home and he was buried at sea.

Of the three who signed the letter, only A. Judson survived and persevered on the mission field, facing almost unbearable hardships, for many years. He died in 1850 also on board a ship, like his friend, Samuel J. Mills. He was also buried at sea. And he left a very rich spiritual legacy.

Do college students meet to pray in your area, dedicating their lives to the LORD and writing important letters which will change the fate of this world, nowadays, too? Pray for the children we evangelize. Perhaps the LORD will send many of them into all the world.

For Christ, Sebastian Edelmann

Daily Prayer Guide

20.07 – Cyprus

Please, pray for a full-time worker! This is the greatest need in Cyprus. There are only some volunteer workers who do children’s ministry and the CEF committee members.

19.07 – North Macedonia

Praise be to God for the camps that we had for many years, for the children and teenagers who were present, and for the Word of God that was preached.

18.07 – Montenegro

We hope and plan to have Children’s Camp and Teens’ Camp this summer. Everything depends on when restrictions are lifted. Pray the Lord guides everything so we can have camps this year.

17.07 – Turkey

Pray that we will be able to find new dates for the Teaching Children Effectively™ (TCE™ ) level 1-training which we had to cancel because of the lock-down of the country.

16.07 – Poland

A lot of missions and churches cancelled camps this year but we still hope to have them. May the Lord lead us so that the lives of children will be protected here on earth, but even more, forever.

15.07 – Albania

Please pray that the restrictions because of the virus end soon since we have many ministries planned and also need to continue renovating the CEF building in Durres.

14.07 – Bereg Camp (Hungarians in Ukraine)

Thank the LORD for the camp directors and the team. They have used the forced closure to improve many things on the property. Pray for the chance to apply for the new construction soon. May the LORD provide the needed funds!

Projects to pray for

Every Child in Europe is a project of Children Evangelism Fellowship of
Europe in order to promote some of the giving opportunities within the
mission. All finances given through are used for evangelising children in Europe (unless stated otherwise).

Bereg Camp is a Christian camp, run by Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®).
Bereg Camp It is situated in Western Ukraine close to Beregszász, on a beautiful sunny hill, surrounded by forests and vineyards. The goal of the Bereg Camp is: to provide full accommodation for groups of children and adults in Christian environment to know the message of Salvation and experience a Christian fellowship.

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Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9